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Bulk Storage & Warehousing

We are well aware of the cost and risk associated with oil and gas operations, hence the need for maintaining stock has always been a top priority for us. Meeting the demand and technicalities of bulk storage and warehousing requires the adoption of warehouse space, equipment and a breed of qualified people to manage these operations.

As a leading Oil and Gas company in Nigeria, Star Synergy Petroleum has adopted the use of world-class methodologies and approaches in warehousing and inventory management. The company adopts high dexterity in terms of safety and reliability which has proven to be a key factor to our success. We are driven by the constant improvement which has led to the achievement of a flawless flow between our supply chain and operational personnel.

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services

As a key player in the country’s Oil and Gas Industry, Star Synergy Petroleum is also actively involved in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Our VMI service is adopted as a streamlined approach to order fulfillment and inventory management. The process involves a detailed collaboration between the company and our corporate customers with large scale operation involving fleet of vehicles or off-sites operation for senior management. When carrying out VMI, our main goal is to align our business objectives and the supply chain of our customers. Over the years, our vendor managed inventory service has led to added business value for our customers in terms of improved inventory turns, improved service, and increased productivity.

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Petroleum Trading

One of the leading components of the Oil and Gas industry is the petroleum trading aspect. When it comes to oil trading, Star Synergy Petroleum has developed competencies in both terms’ contracts with global and regional firms, we also get involved with spot purchase which forms an important aspect of our mode of operation. Based on our trading experience, over the years we have developed long-lasting relationships with leading firms in the country and oil trading firms in Europe


Transport & Logistic services

Star Synergy Petroleum offers end-to-end supply chain solutions for retail trading, product distribution, demurrage control, product movement, and traffic management. Our integrated transport and logistics service have been developed to ensure the attainment of a seamless flow of product from source to the destination. The company operates with a team of well-trained human resource and an adequate catalog of operational tools. Our team of professionals is well suited for the performance of back-office supply and trading systems. Star Synergy Petroleum is also well suited and insured against the transportation of hazardous products across challenging terrains.


Marketing of Jet Fuel, AGO, PMS and DPK

We have developed core competences in marketing, supplies, and sale of Jet fuel, AGO, PMS, and DPK. Based on the adoption of detailed operational excellence, and culture of continual improvement, the company provides adequate and error-free delivery of Jet fuel, AGO, PMS, and DPK to clients across the 36 states of the country including the Federal Capital Territory. Star Synergy Petroleum is well equipped with adequate operational tools such as trucks with properly calibrated tanks, well trained and highly skilled personnel which has led to the continual delivery of quality product at good price to our numerous clients.


Retail Stations management

Modern retail station management has evolved over time, the stations currently does more than just the sale of fuel to motor vehicles. Our retail stations are currently fitted with state-of-the-art facilities such as automated fuel pumps, vehicle wheel alignment sections, free air refill for vehicles, and minimart services. Our retail station services include efficient sales of PMS, Gas, and AGO to end users. Over the years Star Synergy Petroleum has perfected Retail Station Management with the adoption of latest trends in this field such as the use of automated payment systems, detailed record keeping, and inventory management systems and the use of automated digital fuel dispensers.